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WHAT IS Remote Patient Monitoring?

Remote Patient Monitoring

Remote Patient Monitoring (RPM) enables health care teams to digitally monitor and engage with their patients outside of their traditional care setting using a SaaS based platform. RPM enables collection of physiological data that is automatically transmitted and stored through the Health platform. Here, AI capable technology is leveraged to triage patients, conduct automated follow-up, and alert care teams to patients' varying conditions.

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Patient Monitoring System Features

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    Smartphone App

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    Secure Web Portal

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    User Friendly Interface

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    Dashboard and Reports

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    Easy to Use

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    Integrate Multiple Devices

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    Fast Data Synchroization

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    Instant Reminders

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    Historical Data Analysis

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    Medical Transcripts

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    Data Sharing

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    Order Medicine

Simplifying Remote Patient Monitoring

RPM program is meant to empower providers and patients with easily recordable & readily available health data. Remote patient monitoring gives an opportunity to track patients’ vitals from their home for data that can help make informed clinical decisions.

With RPM uou’re always on the right track for a truly sustainable RPM program. A program that leads to better patient outcomes while generating good revenue for your practice.

Making Remote Patient Monitoring Easy

RPM is designed to benefit both the patient and the provider.

For patients, our easy-to-use system makes the RPM experience much more desirable. While for providers, increased patient engagement with integrated devices makes RPM easier than ever.


Benefits of Remote Monitoring System

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  • Improving population health
  • Improving the work life of health care providers
  • Lowering investments in monitoring
  • Median care costs reduced
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  • Empowered with data
  • Focus on saving and improving lives
  • Enabling faster recoveries and better outcomes
  • Not guessing or operating through trial-error
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  • Released sooner from the hospital
  • Comfortable and confident
  • Free from wires and constant interruptions
  • Given targeted and personalized care

Telemedicine platform with RPM System

RPM allows for better patient care with telemedicine integrated remote patient monitoring system.

Practice gets the telemedicine-equipped EMR along with the Smart RPM system. When the clinical team observes persistently abnormal readings, they inform the physician who can provide a virtual visit for timely intervention. This combination allows physicians to provide the best care possible.

Improving Patient Care

Continuous, real-time vitals enable constant and unprecedented insight into patient health, in the hospital, or recovering at home.

  • Anytime, Anywhere
  • Proactive Monitoring
  • Critical oversight between spot checks
  • Fewer readmissions
  • Patients are more physically active
  • Continuous monitoring and analytics

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