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WHAT IS Resource Management App?

Resource Management App

Manage hospital resources, from beds to equipment to vehicles etc. Control personnel access as well as maintain real time status of all tagged equipment. Using RFID encoded tags and strategically placed sensors monitor and authorize the access for all resources. Define boundaries for each equipment type and get alerts when those boundaries are crossed. Get video evidence with hooked up security cameras and sensors. This system is also totally customizable.

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Resource Management App Features

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    RFID Tags

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    RFID Readers

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    Streaming Data Processor

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    Date Warehouse

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    Staff Application

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    Admin Application

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    Asset Tracking

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    Inventory Managment

Functions of Resources Mangement System (RMS)

The implementation of an RMS within an equipment-heavy operation have many advantages. This is especially relatable in an environment that is heavily reliant on its equipment too, specially for the healthcare sector. Having the ability to track every single equipment throughout one or many facilities can:

  • Allow staff to quickly and easily locate medical equipment in real-time
  • Reduce procurement costs to replace lost or stolen equipment
  • Restrict unauthorized access to resources
  • Ensure accurate usage and performance data
  • Improve inventory management and accuracy

Improve & optimize inventory management

Hospitals have inventories such as medicine & they are crucial for hospitals that is why it needs to be properly tracked. Whenever the inventory goes below the defined level it will alert team & they can refill stock.

  • Ensuring correct inventory available
  • Automated helpdesk
  • Accurate tracking to avoid theft
  • Reducing maintenance cost

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