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Electronic Health Record (EHR)

Completely branded, custom developed and long term supported, central Electronic Health Record (EHR) software which connects all your facilities and serving all employees (healthcare and staff) registered on the established network. Provide all EHR functionalities currently used by the organization and add to it the other custom requirements like “Electronic Prescriptions” or “Telehealth Mobile Apps” etc.

Integrating practices and protocols, with all software screens and business workflows individually approved by the concerned point-person(s) prior to customization and delivery. Integration with the National Library of Medicine systems like Medline Plus, UMLS, PubMed etc. as well as certified and audited for standards like ONC Health IT, MACRA, HITRUST, SureScripts, PCI DSS etc.

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    HIPPA Compliance

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    Patient & Staff Portals

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    E/M Coding

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    Document Management

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    Secure Messaging

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    Appointment Reminder SMS

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    Custom Reports

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    Billing Dashboard

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    Electronic Claims

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    Patient Statement

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    Follow-up & Denial Management

Patient Management

The product will allow patients to enter personally identifiable demographic information, so that the hospital can properly track patient records. This must include social security numbers (SSN) as these records may be shared with other Federal and State agencies as required. The product allows patients to enter their medical history, so they can ensure the hospital has proper awareness of their status.

Provider Scheduling and Appointments

The product allows a singular view for detailed overview of existing schedule, as well as

  • One appointment calendar for both Telehealth and Physical appointments.
  • Creating new appointment.
  • Cancel/Reschedule an existing appointment.
  • Printing the schedule.
  • Identifying the non-business days (weekends, holidays etc.).


An encounter should start when a patient is “checked-in”. The product enables complete encounter process, as a step-by-step process.

  • Should display list of today’s appointment (Telehealth and Physical).
  • Telehealth and Physical appointments
  • Check-In
  • Check-Out
  • Labs
  • Medication
  • Referring Providers
  • Emergency Telehealth Call

Medical Billing

The product allows to communicate each encounter charges to staff for billing. The product allows Healthcare Provider to select the charges to be billed and also the diagnostic codes associated with the charges. The list of charges selected should be displayed, with option to reorganize, update or delete a charge. Once the charges are finalized the product marks the encounter as “Ready to Bill”. This also covers Insurance Plan & Eligibility.

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Care Coordination and Correspondence

The product has the ability to create and print letters to provide to patients, so clinic personnel can ensure patients are receiving appropriate health information.

The product has provision for offline messages shared between the users. They can be Staff sharing patient inquiry on medication dosage, or notes to staff to mail the patient lab results after confirmation with the relevant provider etc. This offline communication ensures:

  • Secure message transfer.
  • Complete audit-trail of each communication
  • Ensuring no patient request gets lost in daily hectic routine of BCFHC EHR users.
  • Messages can be notes or reminders shared between different shifts

Wound Care Management Requirements

EHR provides the ability to record and retrieve wound care assessments like type of wound, tissue loss, wound bed appearance, wound measurement, wound type e.g. Burn, Surgical Incision, and Pressure Area etc. Furthermore it provide ability to record and retrieve wound care management, chronic and acute wound management information. It also allow to store images and healthcare provider notes and observations on each image.


The product provides the ability to run metrics reports on clinic data, so clinic personnel can quantify the work performed by the clinic. Examples include, but are not limited to, time-based reports on number of patients seen, reasons for visits, and the status of care.

Following types of reports and analysis can be generated:

  • Population Health Reporting (UDS)
  • Electronic Clinical Quality Measures

User Respective Dashboard

Dashboard provides Healthcare Professionals, Support staff, Management staff and Patients etc. individualized dashboard as per their role and access rights. The contents of each dashboard is finalized by the Health Center appointed point-person(s).

  • Physician Dashboard
  • Staff Dashboard

Enterprise Revenue Cycle

A dedicated billing portal starts with a dashboard of weekly, monthly and year to date statuses as well as daily monetary activities. Important daily notification actionable prompts must be displayed with info like Electronic remittance advice (ERA) from insurance companies to pending billable encounters etc.

Other function includes:

  • Charge history & detail
  • Plan Payment
  • Review/Rectify Insurance Claims
  • Patient Outstanding Balance

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