About Us

FiggHealth stands on a promise. The promise that FiggHealth is dedicated to fulfilling human potential, in all places, in all aspects of life. At FiggHealth we believe that the key to fulfilling that promise begins with health. We aim to provide innovative and reliable products, services and solutions that make a positive, daily difference for everyone in pursuit of healthy lives.



Our mission is to foster healthcare that is based on compassionate care, accountability and sustainability. We accomplish this by using leading-edge science to develop products that are affordable, high-quality, reliable and price transparent.


We are always focused on passionately and thoughtfully translating science into lasting contributions to health. It is on these standards we can help millions of people, most of them diabetics, to enjoy the best possible quality of life.



FiggHealth is a subsidiary of Figgers Enterprises and is leading the charge against diabetes with the most accurate glucose SMART device on the market. FiggHealth offers a highly accurate, and easy-to-use blood glucose monitoring system that utilizes our cuttingedge FiggHealth test strip technology.


Our device is HIPPA certified and is equipped with a range of advanced user-friendly features that help people with diabetes to easily incorporate blood glucose testing into their daily lives. With just a touch of a button, our users will be able to upload and share a full range of health results with those whom they designate through our HIPAA compliant cloud system. We believe not only will we be able to create a new standard in healthcare but that we can place the "caring" back into the healthcare industry.

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