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Easily Setup Your Glucometer and Synchronize With Mobile App

Welcome to the new age of managing your diabetes. We composed a detailed guide to help you get up and running quickly.

Easily Setup Your Glucometer and Synchronize With Mobile App

Welcome to the new age of managing your diabetes. We composed a detailed guide to help you get up and running quickly.

Setup and Sync Guide

What's Included When Buying Your FiggHealth Glucometer

Get 50 free test strips, control solution, lancing device etc. as well as free mobile apps and free cloud portal, for Life. And there's still more,

There`s more in the box

Step by Step Visual Guide for Everyday Use

Learn how super easy and convenient it is to take measurements. We composed a visual guide to assist you as well.

Taking Measurements Guide

Your Smart Glucometer

Modern day innovative aid for your busy life. Go digital and connected with your results. Offering more than a device, a solution of secure cloud services to support you, to a healthier future, even with chronic disease.

Online guides on how to set up the Bluetooth glucometer, take measurements in seconds or find answers to commonly asked questions. You may connect with support staff on-call or online.

Test Supplies Free Delivery

Industry`s most advanced test strips and other supplies delivered to your door with free shipping. Only refill what you want and how much you want. There are subscriptions offered to help you schedule your refills with maximum ease.

Mobile Apps and Secure Cloud Portal

Infographic Reports

Visualize your glucose measurements, view trends with in-depth analysis and see how each exercise, medication and diet influences your blood glucose.

Cloud Portal

View lifelong blood glucose history, made live with trends and graphs. Also share your measurement reports with your healthcare provider and relatives.

Medication/Measurement Alert

Never miss a medication or forget glucose test. Set reminders and get free SMS notifications, email and in-app alerts to remind you.

Industry`s Most Advanced Test Strips

  • Code calibration (auto-coding)
  • Checking humidity exposure
  • Checking for possible damage of the test strip
  • Eliminating Hematocrit interference
  • Checking if the Sample is sufficient
  • Checking the test strip compatible or not
  • Eliminating Temperature Interfernce
  • Checking if the blood or control solution

Supporting You 24 Hours a Day,
7 Days a Week

Professional customer support team available to assist you at any time, using online chat. You may also connect us over phone and email as follows.

Support@Figg.health 1-800-391-2801

Frequently Asked Questions

A drop of blood should be applied to the intake port of the strip. The clear area of the strip will show the blood run up the strip. The blood mixes with an enzyme in the strip. The meter then runs electrically through the mixture to determine the blood sugar reading.
Only if you are buying through your insurance, you need a prescription.
There are 50 test strips present in a single pack to regularly check your blood glucose level.
You can manage the gluco measurements related to your blood glucose level by checking the measurement of the glucometer. You can export the information in CSV and pdf format from the application. You can share them manually or automatically with family or your healthcare provider.
Through the FiggHealth mobile app or by logging into the app, you can easily create and manage reminders. You can also create log reports for all the medications to ensure the maintenance of your health.
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