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Visualize Your Results

Color coded infographics, detailed trends, charts and more. Welcome to new age of learning from test results.

Free Unlimited Cloud

Good-bye manual recording. Get automated cloud storage totally owned and controlled by you.

Clinically Proven Accuracy

Get accuracy you deserve, backed by 510(K) FDA approval and other industry certifications.

Super Budget Friendly

Best healthcare is everyone's right, regardless of insurance. Our pricing and services facilitate it.

Discreet Portable Design

Carry and use it anywhere. It’s rechargeable and comes with a free carrying case to hold everything.

Result In Seconds

Quickly self-administer tests, with results in seconds. 500 results on device and unlimited cloud storage.

Clinically Proven Accuracy

Approved by FDA, this smart blood glucometer is a patent-pending device meeting international standards. Carry your results with you on your mobile, or store on cloud for life. All Free.

Smart Portable & Recharged

WELCOME to the Future of your diabetes care. This rechargeable portable blood glucometer is designed for today’s busy life. Recharge once and carry it with you for days, self-administer blood glucose tests and get results quickly in seconds. Auto-synchronize your results on your mobile. Configure automatically sharing results across the world with people who matter. Secure everything with passwords. Get reminders and alerts. Infographics and trends with details about your medication and exercise. And much more.

Above all, offering all these services free, because you deserve the best care. Smart companion to your everyday life.

5 Steps for Best Results

always use the device and strips as recommended

Wash And Dry Your Hands

Pair Glucometer with Phone

Draw The Blood Sample

Get Blood on the Test Strip

Results on Your Mobile and Portal

For detailed instructions please see the companion documentation or check our support section.

Making It EasyBetter Understand Your Diabetes

Enabling Better Diabetes Care

You are not like everyone and our detailed info graphs help your healthcare provider and you yourself to see how your diabetic readings reflect to exercise, medications and lifestyle choices etc. The more time you are using our “free” system the more detailed graphs, charts, lists and other tools your diabetes test results offer.

Have accurate assessment of your diabetes care, backed by your personal data.

SMS reminders and more


Upgrade Your Diabetes Care

Our approach to care is all about breaking down the walls of an office and supporting your health wherever you are.

From configuring personal reminders on medication, insulin injection and glucose readings to securely and accurately sharing results with concerned parties, we have you covered.

Accurate Sharing with Healthcare Provider

With info graphs, medications and exercise history for every test result, there are more details than ever before. Allow your healthcare provider the complete picture to best plan your diabetes control regime.

You may manually share the information in CSV and PDF format. Or setup your family or healthcare provider to automatically get the results with every reading. Information is password protected and shared over encrypted channel.

HITRUST CSF Certification

We are in process to acquire this, for you can rest easy knowing your data is secure. Our HITRUST CSF Certification means we meet industry-defined requirements for protecting and securing sensitive healthcare information.

Always Easily AffordablePeople Over Profit

Companys per Strips Cost per Strips
with Free US shipping $5 / 50 strips
$12.50 / 50 strips
$18 / 50 strips
$22 / 50 strips
$23 / 50 strips
$29 / 50 strips

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