Specification: HH-XIII-T-H

  • A. Device Cap
  • B. Display window
  • C. Connecting Collar
  • D. Release Button
  • E. Device Body
  • F. Spring mechanism
  • G. Needle Cap
  • H. Needle Holder
  • J. Ejection Button

Specification: HH-XIII-T-H

Work with the lancet, the lancing device is used to collect capillary blood sample. The body and the active parts of the device are made of ABS,POM and PC Resin. And the spring is made of carbon steel. The puncture depth can be adjusted by the five-level adjustment. The blgger the number is, the more is the blood. Please adjust it according the users'skin to reduce the pain.



  • Please avoid the accidental injuries to yourself or others when you use the device.
  • Keep the lancing device and the lancet away from children.
  • When you install the lancet, please do not press the release button if the device cap is removed.
  • Please do not keep the lancet in the device after using it.
  • Please do not share the device with others or reuse the lancet.
  • Please disinfect the device before using it, but do not immerse the device into any liquid.
  • Please pull the plug of the device gently to avoid shedding.
  • The lancing device should press against the skin vertically and firmly, or it will affect the blood taking.

Instructions for Use

1. Remove the cap together with connecting collar

2. Insert the lancet into the lancet holder and push down firmly until it is fully inserted

3. Twist off the protective cap and save it for lancet disposal

4. Place the cap and the connecting collar back on the device and make sure they are fully seated

5. Adjust to the proper level (usually level 3)

6. Pull back on the device's spring mechanism.

7. Hold the landing device firmly and vertically against the test site, then press the release button

8. Remove the cap and the connecting collar and stick the lancet tip into the protective cap

9. Push the ejection button and discard the used lancet In appropriate container

10. Replace the cap and connecting collar

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